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Why You Need Double Space as Your E-Commerce Fulfillment Partner


We know the time and effort required for a business idea to come to life. You have invested a lot of time and effort into building the perfect product that addresses all the pain points of your customer segment. Then you have invested some more into making the website as cool and easy to use. You want your customers to have a smooth experience from the moment they order a product till they receive it at their doorstep. That is exactly what your e-commerce fulfillment partner should help you achieve.

E-commerce businesses in Canada have been growing in number at a higher rate than before because of the pandemic. Even businesses that were always brick-and-mortar have expanded operations online.

All This Is Really Good, but the Problems Lie Elsewhere. 

The number of responsible and trustworthy e-commerce fulfillment partners hasn’t grown as fast.

E-commerce fulfillment is the part of the supply chain that involves picking up, receiving, storing, processing, packing, and shipping the items ordered. It also involves managing any returns professionally. If all this sounds like a lot of responsibility to you, you’re right. It is, and that is why you need a professional e-commerce fulfillment partner who will understand both your and your customers’ needs and make sure to not burn the bridges you worked so hard to build.

If you operate an e-commerce business in Canada, you are well aware of the difficulties. While Canada Post can be reliable, you must have heard the gazillion complaints about their inefficiency and high charges. Private delivery companies like DHL and UPS cost a kidney and a half. The less known and cheaper ones are often quite shady and result in lost parcels, broken items, all of which equal lost customers.

Double Space Is Your One-Stop Solution.

Double Space initially started off as an on-demand moving and storage service only, but now is offering e-commerce fulfillment services too. If you have large quantities or just large products to deliver, partnering up with Double Space will be the best decision you will ever make for your product deliveries.

We Help You Offer Competitive Shipping Charges

We all know how much customers hate unreasonable shipping charges. Double Space is flexible and professional and can work with you to offer reasonable shipping rates in the GTA.

No Delays, and Broken or Missing Items

Expectation Vs. Reality memes have blown up online. People get broken or wrong items and post them online with the business’s name. Don’t worry, we will ensure that your products never get turned into such a meme. Double Space will deliver your products on time and in the same condition you handed them over to us. Our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities ensure that your products stay in perfect condition.

Maintain a Transparent Return Policy with Double Space

According to INVESP, 30% of online orders are returned by customers. Returns are a part of e-commerce businesses, and so you need a transparent return policy and a responsible partner to handle them. Double Space can manage all the return logistics perfectly and pleasantly so that the customer comes back to your business again.

Double Space Understands.

Since Double Space also offers B2C services, we have firsthand knowledge of how important customer satisfaction is. By choosing Double Space, you’ll be choosing a responsible e-commerce fulfillment partner who prioritizes customer satisfaction.

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Oishee Eerada Maudud is an avid blogger with deep interests in technology driven logistics