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5 Reasons You Should Consider Storing Your Extra Things


We all know someone who is at least a bit of a pack rat — and if you cannot think of that person, chances are you are that person. It is no secret that our society has an addiction to “stuff.” We are constantly being encouraged to shop for the latest and greatest things, even if we may not need them. Shopping and buying new things is all fun and games until your purchases arrive and you are faced with a tough decision — where to store your new belongings. Hall closet? Full. Basement? A disaster. Garage? Do not even think about it.

 If this sounds a little too familiar, you may want to consider storing your extra things with us in one of our Double Space warehouses. If you need further convincing, we have outlined five reasons why you should consider storing your extra things with us. 


  1. You have items you only use seasonally

Things like Christmas trees, Halloween decorations and winter sports equipment are great to have, but we do not use these items every day. By storing seasonal items off your property, you will have more room to store and organize the items you use on a regular basis.


  1. You’re trying to sell your home 

Trying to sell a home is not always an easy task. When potential buyers come to view your property, they expect to see a picture-perfect home. Overflowing closets and clutter does not exactly give off that image. By storing your extra things, the potential buyers will be able to focus on all the great features of your home.


  1. Your home will be easier to clean

Have you ever noticed how dust collects on basically everything? The more items you have, the more dusting you’ll have to do. Cleaning is no fun and it is only made harder when your rooms are filled to the brim with extra stuff. By moving your extra things into storage, cleaning will become less of a nightmare.


  1. Your child is home from university for the summer

Although dorm rooms and university apartments are small, there are still many things that will need to be stored when students are home for the summer. Most students will have mini fridges, dressers, mattresses and even more. Do you have room to store all this in your home? Probably not.


  1. You’re doing renovations

Deciding to renovate your home is extremely exciting. However, it creates quite the mess. Workers are constantly in-and-out of your home, often causing a mess. Do you want your wooden dresser to get scratched up? Do you want to spend hours getting sawdust out of your couch? Save yourself a headache and store your prized possessions while your renovations are being completed.


These are just five of the many reasons to consider storing some of your belongings. If you think you’re ready to store your stuff but still have a few questions, check out our frequently asked questions page on our website. To learn more about Double Space and how we can help you, click here.


Emily Holland is a communications professional and freelance copywriter who helps businesses tell their stories and strengthen their brand through meaningful and creative copy